Stylish French dinner at Hibiya Palace near Tokyo Station

We will introduce the restaurants, sightseeing spots, and lodgings that have actually been visited, with photos.

French dinner at HIBIYA PALACE (December)

French restaurant in Hibiya visited at family birthday party

It was just Christmas time.

How to make a reservation from this site.


Hibiya Park

Hibiya Park near Tokyo Station.

Until the end of the Edo period, it was a mansion such as Matsuhira Heizon guard, but it became an army training ground in the Meiji era.

It is the first Western-style modern park in Japan, which was then planned, designed and created as a city park.

Hibiya Park is said to be a Tokyo landmark, along with Central Park in NY, Regent Park in London, and Bois de Boulogne in Paris.

As a pioneer in culture, the enthusiasm of park designers can be seen in large and small outdoor music halls and public halls, and these facilities are still widely used.

[box class=”green_box” title=”Park information”]Opening date: June 1, 1897
Opening area: 161, 636.66 square meters (as of July 1, 2015)
Main plants: Japanese plum, ginkgo, azalea, dogwood, lichenette, pine
Facility: Hibiya public hall (TEL: 03 -3591-6388), Grand Music Hall, Exhibition Hall, Tennis Court, Grass Place Square, Light Restaurant, Citizens College of “Green and Water”, Sports Station & Cafe[/box]

Hibiya Palace

Hibiya Palace is the right distance to walk from Tokyo Station.

It is a 1-minute walk from Kasumigaseki Station.

It is a wonderful one-family restaurant located in Hibiya Park.

There was also a Christmas season when I used it, and the atmosphere was great because of the glittering lights.

Both lunch and dinner are course dishes, and I used Christmas dinner this time.

Omar shrimp in foie gras on sea urchin.

And it’s beef and lots of stuff.

There are places where French food is too elaborate depending on the shop, but the saute of the foie gras on the royal road was excellent.


After eating a sorbet for a while,


Main dishes waiting for you! !

Main dish

The meat of the main dish is lean and greasy and refreshing.

Heart carrot was also fashionable.


The last dessert is a baked pie for Christmas use.


The atmosphere unique to Christmas from the first to the last dessert was great!

Of course, the drink was also delicious, but unfortunately I forgot to take a picture.

Reservation of hotel and restaurant from the following site

As a budget, it is also a time, so it is around 10000 yen-15000 yen per person.

It also changes depending on how much you drink.

As we usually do discount sale even at the time of Christmas, of course, it is necessary check.

Of course we recommend early booking.


It was Christmas season this time, but I made it in time for reservations around November.

If you like the atmosphere of Hibiya Park, I think it is the best.

Adult dinner at the house.

It is a recommended shop for anniversary and birthday.

In the case of myself, I returned home as it is, but there is also a famous Imperial Hotel around the Hibiya Park and a Peninsula Hotel etc.

If you are traveling from afar or if you can afford it, you may be able to relax at the hotel after dinner. Thank you for reading to the end.


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