Azabu-Juban Grill: Romantan


Azabujuban, a fashionable city.
This place near Roppongi is also home to many foreigners.

The restaurant I will introduce this time is the Azabujuban Roman restaurant.
Teppanyaki restaurant perfect for special occasions such as birthdays. It is a store on the way to Roppongi from Azabu Juban Station. It is located on the second floor and goes up the stairs, but the atmosphere is luxurious from the appearance.

The course is a variety of variations, from a reasonable price of 5,000 yen to a luxury one over 10,000 yen. At first it is an appetizer.

The menu changes depending on the season, but it was a salad with crab meat.

The flavor is refreshing and the taste of crab is the best. And foie gras.

The amount is a bit, but it is a very elegant taste. And the impact lobster! !

Lightly squeezed the lemon.
The texture of the pastry was great and it was tasteful and delicious while making a large swing.

And, to the parade of high-class food and a wandering abalone.
The texture was crisp and delicious. It was a steak that was followed in a quite great satisfaction.

The recipe is medium rare and ordered.
The juicyness and tenderness of the meat were the best.

The end is garlic rice.

The smell was just right, the stomach was already full but it ran out without leaving.

Azabu-Juban romance.

The menu changes depending on the season, so I wanted to go there again next time.



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